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Knowledge of Developmental Milestones & Parenthood

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This blog is a part of an initiative I undertook by the name of “SLP – An Awareness Drive”. Purpose of this initiative is to spread awareness to the Pakistani community regarding speech language and communication disorders/ delays. This blog is an attempt help those people that are newlyweds or parents of young ones. They may benefit through this initiative in the form of knowledge as I am providing basic understanding of speech/ language developmental milestones, and how the child deviates from the normal track of development. In addition to it, some basic knowledge, I have also shared some knowledge about screening tests, which are very important for the prevention and cure of illness of neonates which can occur in present or in future. Video links are as follows,

It is observed that, lack of awareness about child developmental milestones, and the warning signs of speech/ language delays and disorders, among parents/ caregivers and close family members, can be a reason of complication in rehabilitation of such children and delay in early intervention to support these children properly. In addition, this awareness drive is designed to make the parents aware of these red flags so that they may consult a doctor in order to support the development of child’s speech, and language skills.

I have uploaded videos that address the topic from the start, the very beginning of a child’s life when he/ she is born, how they develop speech and language skills gradually after the time of birth and that it varies considerably in their early childhood. However, each child tends to master speech/ language skills at their own pace but there are some defined milestones that can help to guide in identification and comparison of normal development.

Watch this series of episodes to gain proper knowledge about normal development of speech and language skills in your child.

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Speech Language Pathology Awareness Drive


I, Nausheen Mushtaq, as a mother of a child born with communication disorder, faced many hurdles in seeking help to understand the problem and getting relevant services to overcome it for my son and family. I came to know that there is a dire need of having a platform for parents that can not only to answer questions and queries in regarding parenthood but the basic and prior knowledge of the normal speech & language development of a child and deviation.
Parenthood is highly a critical time in a humans life, and for this we need to have proper support, guidance, and knowledge to take any step for their child.
For this, I am here, with you, to guide you, in the light of my extensive experience of life as a mother and as a Speech Language Pathologist. There are so many of us who do not know what speech language pathology means or what an SLP does. I am passionate to educate people around me. This platform is not only for parents, care givers and family members but also for professionals.
For the above mentioned purpose, I have initiated a SLP Awareness Drive and this platform is for everyone who seeks to understand this field of services and study. The purpose of generating this Speech Language Pathology Awereness Drive is to reach not only the parents and caregivers but also the pediatrician and doctors, who may not know where to send them for speech languge and communication issues and it also help to raise the importance of early detection and seeking help from professionals. This drive also provide tips for parents how to enhance speech language learning with their children and how to identify the warning signs of communication disorders and delays.
As early detection is crucial.
As longer to detect takes longer to correct.

Watch SLP Awareness Drive Video by Clicking This Text
I seek your help in spreading this awareness to the intended audience so that it may benefit them. Share this blog and many to come with parents and caregivers around you and ask them to subscribe to my youtube channel as well. I look forward to spreading this awareness with you.Naush Speechie Blog

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Role of SLP in Our Society

Restoring a person’s ability to communicate is an act of kindness. Speech Language Pathologists are trained individuals bring immense clinical skills to their role to identify,  evaluate, diagnose and treat the persons with speech language and communication impairment.

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This article will help parents, caregivers and educators who are unclear why some one might need speech and language therapy when a child/adult couldn’t be able to use speech as a mean of functional communication and they need to justify themselves for that.

Speech Language problems are quite prevalent in our society in the recent time. Its is widely known that these disorders can be treated very well with intensive speech and communication therapy practice.
But, a lot of people often seem to be in a dilemma that why and how speech language therapy programs can help a non verbal individual whether who has autism, intellectual disability, hard of hearing, traumatic brain injury or stroke.

A Speech Language Pathologist brings some thing more, the power of human kindness to connect with patients, win their trust and make them full and active participant in their recovery. With advanced technology and augmentative equipment, they meet the most complex challenges every day.